Virtual Christmas Showcase

Its so great to be back at dancing face to face and get back to doing what we all love!

As you all know, we would usually arrange a class Christmas showcase as an opportunity for everyone’s friends and families to come and see the class and exam work that no one usually gets to see. As most things this year, this won’t be possible, however we will be creating each class a ‘Virtual Class Showcase’ 🙂

What does this mean?

Over the next few weeks/months we will be filming bits and pieces from each class, including exam work, warm ups, fun etc. We will then create each class a short video of this material. This will then be sent on to each appropriate family for you to share with family and friends and have the opportunity to see what the students have been learning these last few months.

Of course, if anyone does not want their child to participate in the filming, please let us know!


Annual Summer Show

The annual summer show takes place at Harlow Playhouse and all students participate. This is the biggest event for the school of the academic year and is usually everyone’s favourite time of year. This includes performances at Harlow Playhouse, a Technical Rehearsal and a Dress Rehearsal. Please see below for more info…

Dates for 2021

Epping/Coppersale Dress Rehearsal – Thursday 24th June 2021

Hp Dress Rehearsal – Saturday 26th June 2021

Technical Rehearsal – Thursday 8th July 2021

Show Nights – Friday 9th and Saturday 10th July 2021



Themes for the upcoming show

This year’s show will be called H. Each section begins with H……
Section 1 – Hamilton
Section 2 – Heart breakers
Section 3 – High School Musical
Section 4 – Harry Potter


Tickets for the show will be released on TBC. These should be purchased through Harlow Playhouse directly. This can be done in person, online or over the phone.  Please ensure you book the correct night if your child is in one show. Tickets so sell out fast, so please ensure you obtain your tickets asap after the release time and on that day.

Box Office: 01279-431945

Our shows offers various styles of dance, such as; Ballet, Tap, Modern Stage, Street dance and Contemporary.

Dress Rehearsal & Photoshoot

The dress rehearsal and photo shoot is held at your normal dancing (except Coopersale). Please note there are no regular lessons on this day and children will be expected to attend for a much longer session. All children under the age of senior school need to be accompanied for the duration and please remember all changing areas must remain female only. A separate changing area will be provided for the boys. On this day, Each class has the opportunity to do all of their show dances in full costume and with any other classes that may be in their dance. They also have there photographs professionally taken which are then available to purchase online at a later date if desired.

Programme Messages

For each annual show we produce a show programme for people to buy of which the proceeds go to a local charity. There is an option to buy a programme message for your child which includes a message from you and your family along with a photograph from the dress rehearsal. These are £7.50 each or £10 for siblings. If you would like to submit a message please do so by emailing


To put on our annual show each year we need chaperones who are willing to volunteer to help out back stage. Chaperones are needed for the Technical Rehearsal and both show nights.  Please note, if you chaperone on a show nigh you are unable to watch the show. Chaperones for show nights need a DBS and we also need a certain amount of ‘Licensed Chaperones’ in order to put on the show. All of this can be sorted by ourselves. If you would like to volunteer to help for this years show, please email us on
As always, your help is very much appreciated and we couldn’t do it with you.

Technical Rehearsal

The Technical Rehearsal takes place at Harlow Playhouse. This is a chance for all the students to perform their dances on the stage with the correct technical elements. Students get to sit in the audience and watch each other and it it usually everyone’s favourite night. Students should arrive in something suitable to dance in, dance shoes and plenty of food and drink. Attendance times can to be found on individual class pages, please remember to check all the appropriate pages if you child is in more than one class. Please remember only chaperones will be allowed back stage.

Show Nights

Show nights take place at Harlow Playhouse. Arrival times, costume details and all individual class information can be found on the class pages. Again, please be sure to check all relevant pages for your child. Audience members should arrive from 5.45pm and the bar will be open for refreshments in the foyer. Programmes will be available to purchase on show nights from older students in the foyer. The show starts at 7pm and finishes at approximately 9.30pm. All children need to be signed in and out backstage and this can take a lot of time so please be patient with us. Getting children home safely will be our priority.

Informal Class Showcases

Each year we arrange an Annual Class Showcase (usually in December). This is a very informal event, held at the normal dancing venue. Unlike the show, it is an opportunity for you to see the exam work your children have been working on. This work is much more technical and usually doesn’t get seen by parents which is why we began to hold these small showcases for a chance for you to see some of the unseen exam work. We usually hold several in one day and each child and family will be assigned a time to attend. A small fee will be charged per audience member and this year the showcases will be no longer than an hour.