Hawks Street Dance

Class Times

***Please note that lessons times are subject to change as other hall users return***

Wednesday – Memorial Hall – 4.20pm – 5.05pm


Fee’s are payable in half term periods of 6 -8 weeks. These can be paid by cash, in a labelled sealed envelope or via BACS. Each transaction should be a SEPARATE payment with the correct reference clearly labelled. Any late payments will incur a £5 admin fee.


ACC NO 24904538

SORT CODE 23-69-72


Street dance only – 1st 1/2 term Sept/Oct = 7 weeks x £5.50 = £38.50

Mixed lessons – 1st 1/2 term Sept/Oct = 7 weeks x £4.50 = £31.50

Street dance only 1st 1/2 term Sept/Oct 2nd sibling discount = 7 weeks x £5 = £35

Mixed lesson 1st 1/2 term Sept/Oct 2nd sibling discount = 7 weeks x £4 = £28

Fees for REF-2ND are the same for Nov/Dec


Uniform, exam fee’s and costume fee’s should be paid in the same way, but to a different account. Any late payments will incur a £5 admin fee.

ACC NO 30645759

SORT CODE 09 01 28

Each year a themed dancing show is staged for family and friends of the pupil.

Uniform Requirements

There is no set uniform for the Street dance branch of the school.  Students are wear appropriate clothing to dance in, either shorts or leggings with a T-shirt. All street dance students will need black trainers/dance shoes for exams and shows. A black HSOD T-shirt/sweatshirt/hoodie can be purchased from our ONLINE SHOP or by emailing  uniform@highamsschoolofdancing.com

Show Instructions

Additional Information


Exam Study Plans

The Hawks will do 2 dances and take an award.

Next Exam

**Please put all of the below exam dates in your diary, we will confirm as soon as possible which classes will be taking part in which sessions**

***Any exam days that have to been postponed due to the current covid situation WILL be rearranged asap***

Saturday 12th December 2020

All students should arrive READY!

You will be given a costume, please ensure your child arrives wearing it. Their hair should be in a high pony (long hair) and makeup can be worn. Students should wear black socks and black dance shoes/trainers. No jewellery or tattoos. They do not need to enter the building with anything else, other than a drink. Parents will not be permitted to enter the building.  ATTENDANCE times are as follows….

4.05pm – 4.30pm
Saturday 20th March 2021
Saturday 15th May 2021
Saturday 17th July 2021