Gymnastic Theory


Theory for The Graded Stage Branch Gymnastics Examinations


Strengthening the arms:

Strengthening the core and back:

Increasing flexibility:


1. Clap and count 4 bars of ¾
2. What part of the body do you use in the forward roll?
A. Top of the back/spine.
3. Do you use your shoulders of back in a circle roll?
A. The shoulders.
4. Do we place the hands in a cartwheel one at a time or at the same time?
A. One at a time.
Front and side kicks
Travelling sequence


1. Clap and count 2 bars of 4/4
2. Where do you place your hands in a bridge?
A. They face in towards the feet, placed under the shoulders.
3. What position are your head and hands in a headstand?
A. They make a triangle shape, head at the top of the triangle hands either side.
4. Is the back leg straight or bent in a split leap?
A. Straight.


1. What do we use to help us turn?
A. We must use our eyes, head and arms.
2. Explain why we do a warm up?
A. The warm-up should gently prepare the body for exercises by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation.
3. What must you be careful of in a handstand into a forward roll?
A. Not to go to high up in a handstand.
4. What must you do in a backward roll to help you go over
A. We must push strongly on the arms.


1. Explain some various cartwheels?
A. 2 handed, one handed, second one handed, Ariel
2. What part of the back do you bend in a Handstand to Bridge?
A. You bend the middle of the back?
3. Are the legs straight in a hitch kick?
A. Yes
4. When recovering from a bridge, what must you do?
A. Push up through the pelvis and shoulders bringing your arms above your head.
5. Explain a back catch?
A. Holding the leg with both hands behind the body and pulling the leg towards the head.


1. Where do we place our hands in a backward walkover to make it easier?
A. As close as possible to the feet.
2. Where do we place the arms in an elbow balance to sustain the balance?
A. Equal distance apart, underneath the shoulders.
3. Does the toe touch the floor in a tick tock?
A. Yes it does.
4. Explain the difference between a back drop and a back bend.
A. You go straight back in a back bend and your spiral the body in a back drop.
5. What is a tail spin?
A. Spin on the bottom completing one turn.

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