Upcoming Dates

***Please note that not all children will take part in each session***

Saturday 21st November 2020

Saturday 12th December 2020

Saturday 23rd January 2021

Saturday 27th February 2021

Saturday 20th March 2021

Saturday 15th May 2021

Saturday 17th July 2021


NATD aims to promote the enjoyment and knowledge of a variety of dance genres through our teachers’ passion and commitment to the art form. It offers an extensive range of dance forms with a comprehensive range of carefully developed graded syllabi for the amateur and professional. The aim of all our examinations is to encourage a positive approach to achievement and strive for the development of each individual to their maximum potential. The NATD is also the first association to have an accredited Contemporary syllabus. It has also been accredited by OFQUAL and therefore higher grades and qualifications go towards a students portfolio and can also earn them UCAS point for university.


How exam days work...

All students take exams at our Highams Park venue. Children will need to arrive at least 45 minutes before their entry time and if under seniors school age, should be accompanied by an adult. Please remember that all changing areas must remain female only.  All details of costume/uniform, hair and makeup will be listed on each individual class page. Parents are not allowed to watch the exam but should be present to look after children until we take them in. For HP students (not street dance) there is usually a rehearsal the Friday evening before the exam so please bare this is mind. Results are received about 2 – 3 weeks after an exam is taken and given out in class. Please note that no child can be entered for an exam unless payment has been received and no child will be entered for an exam unless we feel they have reached the desired standard.

Exams Taken

At HSOD children will take a wide variety of exams to ensure they receive a well rounded dance education. Not all grades will be taken in all disciplines, but each year, each child will take a varied arrangement of exams to ensure they continue to progress each year. Once a week students will take 2 or 3 and twice a week students will take 3 or 4. Street dance students will have one exam a year. The different types of exams can be found below…

Rainbow Awards

Rainbow Awards are taken in the mixed classes from age 3. These are small teacher lead tests to help the children build confidence. Each time a child completes one they will get a diploma, an examiners report form and a new colour to their rainbow. These can be done in any discipline and there are 7 to collect in total with a pot of gold medal to collect after completion.

All students study for exams in a variety of dance styles.


Medals can be taken in all disciplines. These can either consist of just a dance or they can consist of various dances with a few technical exercises. Juvenile medals are for those aged 7 and below and Junior medals are for those  aged 8 and above.

Yearly Awards

Each year the NATD have a yearly award. All students in the upper school, if completed their Rainbow Award, will take one of these. This consists of dances of different disciplines and is a fun and relaxed exam for the students to take in between the grades for which they receive a trophy.

Street Dance Exams

Street dance exams consist of different routines being displayed to the examiner; the younger students will take this as a yearly award and receive a trophy and the older students will work through the levels from Bronze all the way to National Award 3.

Graded Exams

Graded exams are taken within the school from Class up to Advanced level. These can be taken in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary and Gymnastic Dance. These are much more structured exams and consist of lots of different preparatory exercises, along with theory and a dance at the end. Class level can be teacher lead but preliminary upwards students must complete the exams independently but in small groups with their peers. They start from 15 minutes and go up to an hour long. At the end of a graded exam each student will be receive a diploma and an examiners form. From Grade 1 upwards students are marked for each individual section and therefore a much more detailed result is produced. Higher exams go towards students portfolios and also can gain UCAS POINTS. At HSOD we welcome all students and do the best we can to get each students up to the desired standard, however we are unable to enter any student for a graded exam who has not reached the required standard.

Teaching Qualifications

At HSOD we also run a teaching training programme for anyone who shows an interest. This involves helping out in classes and studying the full syllabi of the chosen discipline. The student has to complete intermediate level and then take a teaching exam about the syllabi as a whole to gain their qualifications. This process has proved to be very enriching for those who take part. It involves not only learning different syllabi but also, gaining confidence in the skills required to deliver their knowledge to others. Starting a new business, running it successfully and all the legal requirements involved in this also forms part of the course.