Class Times

Starlings 4.15-5.45pm (no change)
Falcons (street) 5- 5.45pm
Finches 5- 6.30pm (inc street)
Annie and Caitlyn 5.20-7pm
Sadie 5.45-7pm
Doves and Finches  4.45pm – 6pm
Gym 6- 6.45pm
Sadie 5.15pm – 7.15pm….. (I will contact Sadie individually about coming earlier on certain days)
Annie and Caitlyn 5.30 – 7.15pm


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Payments should be made as normal, either via CASH in a labelled envelope of via BACS. Please see below for details…


ACC NO 62542610

SORT CODE 09 01 29

Uniform Requirements

The Chicks have a set uniform which consists of a white leotard, white circular skirt(or all in one white set available), ballet socks, ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Children can also order a white t-shirt/sweatshirt with the HSOD logo on if desired but this is optional.
The Starlings, Dove and Finches have a set uniform which consists of a black leotard, black leggings, ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Children can also order a black t-shirt/sweatshirt/hoodie with the HSOD logo on if desired but this is optional.
The Seniors have a set uniform which consists of a black leotard, black leggings, ballet shoes, black jazz shoes and black teletone tap shoes. Children can also order a black t-shirt/sweatshirt/hoodie with the HSOD logo on if desired but this is optional.
To place a uniform order with us please visit our online shop…



Exam Study Plans

Exam dates are as follows…

**Please note that not every class will participate in all exam sessions. Confirmation of which ones each class will take part in will be confirmed nearer the time. Please therefore have all dates in the diary**

Saturday 20th July 2024- Starlings Prelim Ballet/ Doves and Finches Award

Extra Exam Information


Please note that all children under secondary school age will need to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their allocated time. Changing areas should remain female only and all students should arrive ready with hair and make up complete. Food and refreshments will be available on the day. All costumes should be left at the venue after the exam.

Saturday 20th July 2024

Starlings Character Rainbow

All Starlings are to arrive ready in the costume which has been provided prior to the exam day. Hair should be in a high bun completed before arrival. Makeup can be worn if desired. Please provide ballet socks and ballet shoes for this exam.

Please leave all costumes at the venue so please bring a spare change of clothes.

Attendance Times:




Doves and Finches One Dance Award

All students should arrive ready in their costume which will be given out prior to the exam day, with hair however you like and makeup complete before arrival. Please provide black socks and Jazz shoes or Ballet socks and Ballet shoes.

Please leave all costumes at the venue so please bring a spare change of clothes.

Attendance Times:

1pm-2pm: All Doves and Finches

Each year a themed dancing show is staged for family and friends of the pupil.

Show Instructions

Thursday 20th June 2024

Thursday 20th June 2024 is our Technical Rehearsal at the Harlow Playhouse, this day is usually all the students favourite. The children are to be dropped off at the Stage Door Entrance which is located round the back of the theatre through the staff car park. Please only arrive at your allocated time which can be found below. Here the children will be met by their chaperone who will sign them in and take them into the venue and look after them for the duration, please note that no parents are allowed back stage unless chaperoning. All students should wear their dance uniform and are to bring all their dance shoes which should be clearly labelled in their dance bag. NO COSTUMES SHOULD BE BROUGHT ON THIS DAY. Please provide plenty of drinks and snacks for your child for the duration. PLEASE ENSURE NO FOODS WHICH CONTAIN NUTS ARE GIVEN. Once the children have finished they will be brought back out to the stage door where they will be signed out by their chaperone. Please note that due to being on a tight running schedule we may be running a little late so please bear with us and we thank you for your patience in advance.

Attendance times for Thursday 20th June at Harlow Playhouse can be found below…

4:30pm-7pm- Starlings

4:30pm-7pm- Doves

4:30pm-9pm- Finches

4:30pm-9pm- Seniors


Show Nights 21st June- 22nd June 2024:

Please make sure your child arrives ready in their HERCULES costume with hair and makeup complete on both show days. Please note this may be different to the costume they arrived in on the Photoshoot however all costume details remain the same. Students should be dropped and signed in as above. Each performance should last roughly 2.5 hours and students will need to be collected as above. We will do our best to get the younger students out first and your patience with this is much appreciated.

Students need to have all costumes and shoes clearly labelled, please also provide a black bag with your child’s name on so they can put all their costumes, shoes and accessories in it and take them home to replenish and sort ready for the next day. No costumes are to be left at the theatre overnight. Please also make sure your child has plenty of food and drink (NO NUTS) and please limit the sugar :).



Please ensure that no nail varnish is worn, earrings are removed and no tattoos are on show.

Please ensure that all hair is well secured and gelled/hair sprayed so it is very neat.

Alice in Wonderland – ALL CATS  – leotard, tutu skirt ,tights, shorts ,ears, tails (please attach to skirts) wrist fur for starlings…….DOVES/FINCHES.. also have a neck thing, and gloves and tinsel hair bits and an additional butterfly top to wear over the leotard and without the skirt for the gym dance…….HAIR for all cats half down and half up…(photo to follow)…..gym and starlings then to join hair together in one plait at the back.

SENIORS – individual outfits and choice of hair style


Hercules – ALL – will have a tunic to be worn with black dance leggings and ballet shoes and socks/jazz shoes and black socks.  You will have a gold belt to fasten around the waist and a leaf crown. Hair half down half up as above.

Jamie – ALL (not starlings)….cream top with hair high pony tail with provided scrunchy…. to be worn over black leotard and leggings.

Make up to be worn.


Please find below the attendance times for both show days:

Friday 21st:

Starlings: 6pm

Doves and Finches: 5:50pm

Seniors: 5:30pm

Saturday 22nd-

Starlings: 1:30pm

Doves and Finches: 1:20pm

Seniors: 1pm

During the break between the Saturday shows we are giving parents the option of signing their children out. They will need to be signed out by their parents at the stage door at 4:45pm. Parents will need to let us know in advanced if they wish to do so, please do this via email no later than Thursday 20th June. Please bring your child back by 5:45pm so they can get themselves settled and ready for the next performance. Again this is optional so as always the children are more than welcome to stay with us and their chaperones during the break. Children over the age 16 will be allowed to sign themselves out after the Matinee Show and return for the evening performance.