Hp Ducklings and Buzzards

Class Times

Ducklings (Mixed classes)

Saturday – Ducklings – Hodgson Hall – 10am – 11am

Saturday – Optional Gymnastic dance class – Memorial Hall – 9am – 9.45am (15 minute rest)

Buzzards (Street Dance)

Wednesday – Memorial Hall – 4.15pm – 5pm


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ACC NO 62542610
SORT CODE 09 01 29

Uniform Requirements

The Ducklings have a set uniform which consists of a white leotard, white skirt, ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Children can also order an assortment of white HSOD embroidered items if desired but this is optional. Street dance students have no set uniform, however HSOD embroidered items can also be ordered. Children should come to lesson in appropriate dance wear and street dance students are expected to have black dance shoes/trainers for exams and shows.
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Next Exam

Exam dates are as follows…

**Please note that not every class will participate in all exam sessions. Confirmation of which ones each class will take part in will be confirmed nearer the time. Please therefore have all dates in the diary**

Saturday 20th July 2024- DUCKLINGS LESSON 9am-10am IN ROOM 5. NO GYM LESSON.

Extra Exam Information

Please note that all children under secondary school age will need to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their allocated time. Changing areas should remain female only and all students should arrive ready with hair and make up complete. Food and refreshments will be available on the day. All costumes should be left at the venue after the exam.






Each year a themed dancing show is staged for family and friends of the pupil.

Show Instructions


Additional Information