Class Times

Saturday 9am – 10am – Memorial Hall
Monday 4.30pm – 5.45pm – Hodgson Hall


Fee’s are payable in half term periods of 6 -8 weeks. These can be paid by cash, in a labelled sealed envelope or via BACS. Each transaction should be a SEPARATE payment with the correct reference clearly labelled. Uniform, exam fee’s and costume fee’s should be paid in the same way. Any late payments will incur a £5 admin fee.
ACC NO 30645759
SORT CODE 09 01 28
Annual Costume fee = £55 blackbirds only / £65 blackbirds and street – Due 13th January 2020

13 weeks split into 2 equal half terms =

3RD – Sat 4th Jan – Sat 15th Feb = £68.75 (younger sibling £65.50)

4TH – Sat 29th Feb – Sat 4th April = £68.75(younger sibling £65.50)

Exam Fee – £40 – Due by 8th February 2020

Uniform Requirements

The Blackbirds have a set uniform which consists of a black leotard, black leggings, pink ballet shoes, black jazz shoes and black tap shoes (these can now be teletone). Children can also order a black t-shirt/sweatshirt with the HSOD logo on if desired but this is optional. To place a uniform order with us please email us on..

Exam Study Plans

*Please note that this is a plan and information may change*

8th February 2020 – 2 dance award or Rainbows

You will be given out 2 outfits. Please ensure they are ironed if appropriate. Please provide jazz shoes and black socks and ballet shoes and ballet socks. Ensure they have their leotard and leggings. Hair should be in a high bun and make up should be worn.


7th March 2020 – Grade 2 Modern

7th March 2020 – Gymnastic medal

11th July – Tap medal or rainbow

18th July – Grade 2 Ballet

Additional Information

Please see Student Resource page for all theory questions.


Saturday 8th February 2020

9.15am – Ballet – 1 Grace 2. Audrey

9.55am – Modern – 1. Grace 2. Audrey


10.25am – Ballet – 1. Maisie 2. Amelia 3. Erin 4. Amaya 5. Darcy

11.45am – Modern – 1. Maisie 2. Amelia 3. Erin 4. Amaya 5.Darcy


12.10pm – Ballet – 1. Lily 2. Florrie 3. Amber

12.35pm – Modern – 1. Lily 2. Florrie 3. Amber


2.35pm – Ballet – 1.Amelie 2. Leah 3. Astrid

3.25pm – Modern – 1. Amelie 2. Leah 3. Astrid

Each year a themed dancing show is staged for family and friends of the pupil.

Show Instructions

The Blackbirds will take part in the dress rehearsal, technical rehearsal and both show nights which are Friday 3rd July and Saturday 4th July 2020.