All pupils should arrive with their hair tied back off their face and wearing the correct colours for their class.

Chicks and Ducklings wear white leotards and skirts and accessories.

Sparrows and upwards wear black leotards and leggings and accessories. If you do not wish to purchase a school t shirt or jumper please ensure only the correct colours are worn.

Placing an Order

Orders can be made via e-mail: or by adding your requirements to the uniform order form on the notice board. Please ensure you state name, item and size on all orders.

If you are unsure what to order see Sarah, Lucy or any of the student teachers or class helpers.

White Leotards from £13.50
White Skirts from £12.50
White  Sweatshirts (for those in white) from £13.50
Black Leotards from £14.50
Black Leggings from £13.50
Black T-shirts and sweatshirts (for those in black) from £11.50
Pink Ballet Socks £4.75
Heel Taps £4.75
Teletone Taps (Grade 2 and above only) from £39 per pair
Black Tap Shoes from £16.00
Pink Ballet Shoes from £12.50
Black Jazz Shoes (Grade 2 and above) from £24.00
Ballet Bags from £5.00
Starter kit for chicks/ducks/wrens – includes leotard, skirt, tap shoes, ballet shoes and ballet socks £56.00